Communication and Outreach Tools

OTGA-KMFRI Training Course: Communication and Outreach Tools,26 - 30 September 2016, Mombasa, Kenya.



The need for effective outreach is greater than ever given the present day competition for funding resources and involvement from the general public. This will be a highly practical course which looks at the techniques and technologies that Marine Institutes and both marine information and data managers can use to develop and implement communication and marketing programs and create a solid baseline for measuring outreach strategies.

 Topics Covered

- Communicating with Management

Emphasis on local standards, policies, protocol

Draft convincing advocacy document for MIM program

- Communicating with the Public

Implementation of a web and social media presence-class creation of an outreach video, individual creation of a blog or Facebook page

- Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques in general

Individual Creation of an oral (visual) or poster presentation on local topic

- Outreach

Development of partnerships, collaborations, networks

Planning outreach events, communication resources, training skills for colleagues

Interview techniques

 Learning Outcomes

- Improved skills in using new technologies to communicate science and marine information

- Advanced oral and written presentation skills

- Improved collaboration skills within the organization and amongst marine professionals nationally and internationally

- Increased knowledge of resources available – forms, permissions, copyright, Rights management, protocols and policies.

 Target Audience

- Marine information and data managers (including but not limited to staff of NODCs, ADUs, etc.) in charge of communicating with the public and/or responsible for developing institutional outreach strategies.


NOTE: priority will be given to participants originating from Eastern Africa and neighbouring Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Applications from women are encouraged.


Course Pre-requisites:

• Working knowledge of English


Duration: 5 working days (~ 30 hours classroom sessions, plus online pre-course assignments)


There is no tuition fee.


A Certificate of Participation will be issued to all successful students.



Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute,

Headquater & Mombasa Station

PO Box 81651